Love Your Locals

Central Oregon Locavore is all about local; locally pastured eggs and meat, locally grown produce, and locally crafted products, but also local economy and community! We believe that a strong community depends on neighborly support, financial backing, and cooperation.

Our Love Your Locals event celebrates and encourages this strong community!

Love Your Locals is a one-day event hosted by Locavore dedicated to spreading the word about supporting your community and neighbors by shopping locally and frequenting your neighbors’ businesses.

We are hosting Love Your Locals on April 22nd or Earth Day to demonstrate the need to support local year-round to care for our local business people by supporting high quality service, craft, product, and interactions and as a positive impact on the health of the environment (decreasing transportation and focusing on sustainable purchasing).

These businesses will be donating a portion of their proceeds on Earth Day to help support Central Oregon Locavore!

Thank you to our partners!