Gift Faire Vendor Information Page

We are now accepting registrations for new vendors. Deadline November 20th.



How It Will Work: (Registration Buttons Below)

We will be using a software mady by our old friends in Eugene called Local Food Marketplace, the original software that we used before Locavore had a brick and mortar location. It is geared toward farmers markets, but will work for our purposes for the gift faire.

You will load your own products, pictures, and set your own prices.

Just as before, there will be a small “booth” fee of $15 current members, and $25 non members, to cover software purchase, monthly software fees, software transaction fees, advertising, and administration fees. (This format will easily take up to 5 times as many wo-man hours as the in person gift faire… Yikes!)

Just as before, 20% of all sales will remain with Locavore to cover credit card transaction fees, staff time (sooooo much more time than the indoor event takes), and benefit the non-profit (remember, this is a fundraiser for Locavore. We are a 501(c)3 non profit and all proceeds support local food and local farmers year round.)

How it Works

  1. Pay your booth fee via the Event page (this also captures your info and allows us to keep track of vendors).
  2. Register as a “Producer” in the online software program.
  3. Niki will get an email and activate you as a vendor after verifying your booth fee is paid.Start posting your products! You will need a high quality picture of your products to help sell. (Locavore staff will be available to help you posting your products, and in some cases we can post them for you).
  4. Locavore will be offering 2 sessions from our social media director/professional photographer on how to create quality photos. We will recommend a specific photobox to get great pics if you do not have one already.
  5. When pricing your products the final price should be the price you want to take home. This will be YOUR price x1.2. Even prices are always better.
  6. Multiply your regular item price by 1.2. Then round this number to the nearest .25 cents. Then divide the rounded up number by 1.2 to obtain the number that you will list as your price in the system. They system will add 1.2 to the cost you have entered. Upon registration you will receive a custom instruction booklet.
  7. You will have until November 21st to upload your products. We will review all products as they come in to make sure they are local and hand made. No wholesale/resale of mass produced products is allowed.
  8. On November 23rd ordering opens to the public. You can log in regularly to track your sales. You may take custom orders with this platform!
  9. On December 8th ordering closes to the public and you will receive a “Pick List” of all items ordered and customers name to label your products for delivery. No sales will happen after this date, the software will be closed for orders. All sales are considered final.
  10. You will deliver all ordered products to “The Gift Faire Terminal” at the Agricultural Connections Warehouse on December 11th between 9am and 4pm.
  11. Customers will pick up on December 12th. 
  12. Locavore staff ensures that all orders are delivered, and cancels any orders that are not delivered. Customers cards are charged the final fee.
  13. You are paid for your orders within 10 business days (minus any orders that were not delivered or are grossly misrepresented via your online description).

Everyone is stoked and safe!!!!

Please remember that this is our first time doing this and we are going to try our darndest to make it perfect, but I do anticipate some hiccups and ask that everyone engage with grace and understanding.

Ok artisans and craftspeople. Let’s do this!



2018 Locavore Holiday Gift Faire – Universalist Unitarian Church

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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit supporting local food and farms through educational programs and a year round indoor farmers market.