Are you a Locavore?

Being a Locavore is more than just eating good local food. There are many steps to being a sustainable, conscientious eater. Need a place to start? Check out our Are You A Locavore contest! These are all great tasks to accomplish to think about becoming a well-rounded Locavore.

Pick up a Are You A Locavore card at the marketplace. Complete most (if not all!) of the tasks on the list and win a special little prize. You will also get your name up on our Wall of Locavore Fame, and not to mention, becoming more and more of a Locavore everyday. Let’s work together to strengthen our Central Oregon Local Food system!


Locavore E-Hall of Fame!

I am a Locavore….

Megan French
Niki Timm
Natalie Danielson
Abby Kellner Rode
Kristina Hedberg
Karen Swirsky
Nancy Rogers
Annie Pulzone
Rachel Hayward
Sarah Mattox
Amber Coffey Rankin



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