Our COVID Policy

Central Oregon Locavores mission is to support local food and local farmers for the health of our community. Our commitment to community health doesn't end with local food however. We are working hard to keep our employees, customers, and vendors safe while continuing our operations at full capacity. Locavore was one of the first business to initiate a masking practice for our employees and remains committed to following the mandates set forth by the CDC and Oregon Health Authority. Customers at the Locavore marketplace and participants at all Locavore classes and events are required to wear a medical grade or cloth mask (mesh masks not allowed) at all times over their mouth and chin. We understand the inconvenience this may cause, there are no exceptions.

We understand that there are conflicting points of view, and we honor that all individuals are entitled to hold personal beliefs. We, at Locavore, are committed to upholding our masking policy as mandated by the Oregon Health Authority because we MUST STAY OPEN. Our marketplace serves as a primary source of income for many ranchers and farmers during the winter months when outdoor farmers markets are closed. We do not have the option of getting shut down, or closing our doors due to serious COVID exposures. It would severely impact all of our vendors, some to a degree they may not be able to financially recover from. We are all in this together!

Thank you so much for your understanding. Please direct any questions or concerns to our Executive Director at [email protected] and not the marketplace staff.