Team Locavore

Nina: Marketplace Manager - Central Oregon Locavore


Marketplace Manager

Nina comes to the position with a wealth of experience as a previous business owner. We know that Nina is going to do an amazing job helping us keep the Locavore ship in tip-top shape. Thank you Nina for your enthusiasm, systematic approach to daily tasks, commitment to quality, and your fantastically calm and relaxed demeanor.

Spencer: Assistant Marketplace Manager - Central Oregon Locavore


Assistant Marketplace Manager

I’ve spent my life working in professional kitchens and in that time I’ve learned international and domestic cuisines and traditional cooking techniques. I think anyone who is exposed to diverse flavors will easily develop a passion for food and cooking. However, another feeling developed inside me as I worked in these kitchens; a profound sense of alarm at the careless waste of the food industry and the absence of mindfulness to the impact on our environment and community.

Community is important. Health is important. Respect for our planet is critical. I believe that food is not only culture, but valuable medicine. I care deeply about how this belief can affect our community. In order for me to be a responsible part of society, my labor must correspond with my belief system. Simply put, Locavore provides sustainability, promotes educated and conscious consumption, as well as perpetuating respect for our ecosystems, locally and globally. In addition, Locavore puts it’s best foot forward to enable our region’s farms to strengthen our local economy. Besides all that, who doesn’t like quality food? For me, choosing to become a part of Locavore was not only clear, it felt like a blessing.

Gwen: Program Coordinator - Central Oregon Locavore


Program Coordinator

Gwen has been involved with Locavore nearly since the inception, and is the founder of the Farm Kids Program. Gwen has an extensive background in early education and is the owner of Juniper Jungle farm. Gwen maintains a mini farm at home with her family, and spends most of her time looking after her twin kiddos, who keep her plenty busy!

Becky: Volunteer Coordinator - Central Oregon Locavore


Volunteer Coordinator

“The Mothership”. The mother of all mothers. Some could say that Locavore is all her fault, as she is the one who raised the founder and daughter, Niki Timm-Branch, in a home abundant with local food, meat and dairy. And taught Niki to make things happen. Becky is also the fearless mother-hen (volunteer) Volunteer Coordinator who bravely commands our fleet of fabulous volunteers to help steer us to greatness. You need some mothering? Volunteer with us!

Amanda: Social Media Director - Central Oregon Locavore


Social Media Director

I believe in cultivating a relationship with each of my clients so I can truly be your visual voice – your storyteller. …let’s talk over coffee.

Kyle - Team Locavore


Team Locavore

This is Kyle, 33. He loves long intimate walks in the vegetable isle, tasty treats, and wine. His other hobbies are bikes, art, and music.
Gwen - Team Locavore


Team Locavore

Gwen comes to us with many years of experience growing food not only in her own garden, but designing edible landscaping and teaching others how to grow their own food in challenging spaces.

With many years spent in restaurant kitchens, Gwen is always happy to help suggest cooking techniques and recipes

In her spare time, you’ll find her foraging in the forest or creating in the kitchen.

Lexie - Team Locavore


Team Locavore

While she loves to get her hands dirty helping out at local farms, she keeps our marketplace neat and clean!

Combining her deep love for nature and ecology with her belief in just and sustainable food systems, Lexie’s dream is to help foster thrive-able places for humans, wildlife, plants, and fungi alike. She looks forward to working hard alongside our community for our shared health and well-being.

Liz - Team Locavore


Team Locavore

Connecting with our community through the Locavore market makes me so happy! I'm thrilled to be a part of recognizing our makers & farmers while promoting seasonal produce & environmental awareness. I am a big fan of cookbooks and especially like to get creative in my kitchen experimenting and trying to make delicious nutritious dishes to share. I love all adventures, including fermentation journeys. I am fascinated by the process, the history, and the health benefits of fermenting various foods and always have something bubbling in a crock...

Isabelle: Team Member - Central Oregon Locavore


Team Locavore

Isabelle was born and raised in Bend; she loves to summer sled on Mt. Bachelor in the summers,  snuggle with many pets, and hunt for chanterelle mushrooms. Her favorite plants are mountain mint and elderberry bushes. She received a BA in Environmental Studies from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, where she wrote about wild foods, landscaping, and outdoor recreation.

Morgan - Team Locavore


Team Locavore

Being new to Bend and previously working as a farm laborer for years, I wanted to work a job involved in the food community. Hearing about Locavore and its mission of being a non-profit organization; has led me to work here and be a part of the team.
With deep care for social causes and a passion for inspiring others, I am determined to promote health and change in the community and people's lives. I believe that can start with fresh and nutritious food on the table.