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We support local food and local farmers for the health of our community and future generations. We provide a non-profit indoor farmers market for farmers to sell their products, free cooking classes to low income families and run a curriculum-based school to farm field trip program for children K-3rd grade. We also connect local farmers and local chefs. We support environmental sustainability, humane treatment of animals, social justice, local economy and best of all, true community and mutual support.

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If you would like to donate by check: Make check out to Central Oregon Locavore , include address 1841 NE 3rd St, Bend, OR 97701. You will be mailed a tax donation receipt.

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Locavore is one of most amazing parts of my business and it has helped me grow, it has given me opportunities. I want to do right by the land and be out with the cattle and provide them with a good life. I try as hard as I can to go direct to market so animals have the best end of life possible but it’s a full-time job. Locavore has been so awesome in filling that void. And the staff is awesome. 

I sell just as much through Locavore as I do on my own. I don’t have to do a lot of marketing and advertising because of our partnership, and I credit Locavore for allowing me to direct market yet not consume all of my time with marketing. I go in and out of the region and no one else I run into has a place like Locavore and they are so amazed when I talk about the model and opportunities, so we are so lucky.

Mt Shasta Wild

Locavore is a recognized 501(c)3 organization, EIN 27-2131195. All donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor.

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