Edible Adventure Crew

Central Oregon Edible Adventure Crew provides the experience of harvesting and gleaning foods on local farms and sustainably gathering edible foods from the local wilderness. This program works to engage and educate participants about ways to preserve local foods to allow for year-long seasonal food consumption including home preservation classes with gleaned foods and seasonal recipes.

The Edible Adventure Crew believes that eating locally doesn’t have to be mysterious, expensive, or difficult. There is great satisfaction in returning to the simplicity of things such as discovering new tastes, harvesting your own food and “putting things up” for the winter months.

Eat your Weedies


Blueberry Daze at Springbank Farm

High Summer

Blackberry Pick N Peddle in Oakridge

Late Summer

Apple and Pear Rally Day


Apply Rally


Gleaning Day at Windflower Farm


Potato Diggin Day


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