In the heart of Central Oregon, there's a gem that's making waves of positive change – Central Oregon Locavore. As we approach Giving Tuesday, we invite you to be a vital part of this movement, to champion a cause that resonates deeply with the well-being of individuals, our community, society, and the planet we call home.

Our mission at Locavore is not just a statement; it's a commitment to transforming the way we connect with our food, our farmers, and our neighbors. We stand as the bridge between the fertile fields of Central Oregon and your dinner table, advocating for the health and benefit of all.

Central Oregon Locavore relies on the generosity of individuals like you to execute our mission. Our marketplace, a beacon of local goodness, operates at a loss because we believe in a fair living wage for our farmers. We purchase high to ensure they can lead good lives and expand their operations. Simultaneously, we sell low to the community, ensuring that the goodness of locally sourced, nutrient-dense food is accessible to as many as possible.

In our community, Locavore is a lifeline. We are not just a market; we are the only brick-and-mortar establishment that accepts food stamps, doubles up food bucks, honors Oregon Farm Direct Vouchers, and participates in Veggie Rx programs. We serve as a vital link to low-income individuals, offering them a pathway to access fresh, local food and fostering a sense of community around the dinner table.

Not all communities are fortunate enough to have a place like Locavore. We are the stewards of something special, a movement that extends far beyond the aisles of our marketplace. We ask for your support this Giving Tuesday to protect and nurture this gem that has become an integral part of the Central Oregon community.

Your donation, 100% tax-deductible, is an investment in the health of individuals, the prosperity of our local farmers, and the resilience of our community. Join us in cultivating change, one donation at a time.

Please donate to make a difference today.

You can donate online HERE

Mail or drop off a Check to: Central Oregon Locavore Non Profit, 1841 NE 3rd St Bend, OR 97701

Thank you for being a guardian of local goodness.

With gratitude,

All donations at tax-deductible to the extent of the law. We are a 501(c)3 non profit. EIN 27-2131195



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