We are a 501(c)3 non-profit supporting local food and farms through educational programs and a year round indoor farmers market.


Locavore Food School is a monthly, on the third Thursday of each month, offering of nutrition and cooking classes taught by volunteers and community members including farmers, local food producers, nutritionists, chefs and alternative health care practitioners.

Professional Chef Tips and Short Cuts

with Suzanne Landry

Learn about kitchen knives and fundamental knife skills, professional tricks of the trade (like how to cut an onion without crying!) and enjoy tasty recipes. Learn the right knife to use for different foods, the best knives to own and how to sharpen them and use them like a pro. Demonstrated cutting techniques including easy matchstick carrots and preparation of delicious, simple
vegetable dishes.

Suzanne Landry states, “I have been teaching my love and passion for cooking for over 30 years.  My own family’s history of health challenges is what sparked this passion.  We changed our diet from a S.A.D. (standard American diet) to a more natural diet centered around whole grains and fresh produce.  Our health improved dramatically and I have been inspired to continue to grow and learn since.  My favorite recipes are in my first cookbook “The Passionate Vegetable.” Find out more information about Suzanne at www.suzannelandry.com

Thursday April 20th from 430-530pm

Plant Based Desserts

with Dianne Porter, Nutritionist

Dianne Porter is clinical nutritionist who is completing a M.S. in Human Nutrition. With an integrative and functional medicine approach, she seeks to assist individuals to help themselves to better heath through education as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. Dianne loves all things related to food – from reading cookbooks in bed to grocery shopping and from experimenting with textures and tastes in the kitchen to enjoying a colorful meal with friends. After spending 22 winters in Fairbanks, Alaska, Dianne and her husband are enjoying access to the diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables and local meats that are so abundant in the Central Oregon area.


Thursday May 18th from 430-530pm

Intro to Raw Food

with Angelena Bosco

An introduction to raw foods. You’ll learn the why and the how of eating raw foods. You’ll receive simple recipes, resources, and food samples prepared in front of you. A simple meal including a fabulous guilt-free dessert made with fresh local ingredients. Will be determined as we get a little closer.

Thursday June 15th from 430-530pm

Past Food School Classes

Fermentation 101 with Linda Anspach and Amy Neilsen
Beginning Beekeeping
Spice It Up – Using spices to enhance local food by Matt Perry of Savory Spice Shop
Healthy Fats and How to Use Them by Anna Witham
Unleashing the Delicious Secrets of Grassfed Beef with Jerre Kosta Dodson of Dancing Cow Farm
Bone Broth 101 with Jeff Roop-Bierens of Bootleg Bones
Indian Food 101 with Runi of Khara Foods & The Curry Shack
Cooking with Medicinal Herbs with Holly Hutton
Eat for your Genetic Type with Birgitta Bella, PA-C, MHR, Health Coach
Soaking, Sprouting and Fermenting with Robbie Bianchi, NTP, cpt, lmt
Debunking the sumo wrestler myth by Birgetta Bella, PA-C, MHR, Health Coach
Does Fat Make You Fat? by Birgitta Bella, PA-C, MHR, Health Coach
Kefir 101 (and what to do with it) by Sarah Wilder, NTP
Champion Your Health, Become a Trans Fat Detective
Perfect Fermentation – Homemade Saurkraut by Kelly Henry, NTP
Bone Broth 101 by Kelly Henry, NTP
Healthy and Delicious Snacks for Back to School
How to Make Kimchi in your Own Home
Organ Meats 101: How to make One of Natures Superfoods Taste Great!
Bone Broth 101 with Jeff Roop-Bierens of Bootleg Bones


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit supporting local food and farms through educational programs and a year round indoor farmers market.