Small Farmer Support Program

Small Farmer Support Program has a mission to directly assist small farmers in growing their operations. Assistance with CSA and herdshare management, support for marketing and distribution, incubation marketplace.

Farmers and Ranchers – The Small Farmer Support Program is here to help you! Please let us know if you have any ideas, concerns, questions, class concepts, troubles, and research needs. Our goal is to better serve you!

CSA and Herdshare Housing Project

Farmers and Ranchers, if you are interested in using Locavore as a drop for your CSA, please contact us at We are working on getting more refrigerator and freezer space to meet your needs!

Agricultural Packaging Reclamation

We collect egg cartons, berry cartons, mason jars, and waxed boxes and store them for farmers to pick up from us and repurpose. This saves farmers thousands of dollars per year, and decreases the environmental impact of agriculture in our area.

Incubation Marketplace & Education

Locavore provides new farmers, ranchers, and local food producers extensive education regarding required product labeling, price-setting, packaging and customer appeal. We allow new producers to test their products in our marketplace with no risk of loss, exclusivity contracts, or minimums.

Hope Springs Herdshare Drop Off

CSA Pickups at Locavore

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