Selling at Locavore

Egg Vendor Notice

We are currently accepting:
We are currently accepting all Chicken Eggs
We are currently accepting all Duck Eggs
We are currently accepting all Goose Eggs
Last Updated: October 26, 2022 12:00 pm
Selling at Locavore

If you are interested in selling at Locavore, please contact our Marketplace Director at [email protected]

Important things to Remember:

  1. We work on consignment. Each vendor sets their own wholesale price. Locavore adds a small markup on top of the wholesale price to cover operating expenses for the market. If you look in a meat freezer, produce cooler, or the soap section you will find many different vendors selling similar products at a variety of prices. Feel free to look at what others are selling and then set a price based on your product’s unique selling points, your costs and what you think is a good price.
  2. We pay vendors on a Net 30 payment system. You will receive a check through our bank on the last week of the month for the prior month. I.E. All of the products sold in May will be paid the last week of June.
  3. Active vendors usually sell more. We do our best to stay on top of all the items in the store and contact vendors when stock is low or product needs refreshing, but we have a very small staff. Vendors that regularly stop by to check stock, see what is selling and chat with the staff about customers tend to sell more. Be a PARTICIPANT! Even just texting, emailing or calling us on a regular basis to ask about inventory and sales helps a lot. If we don’t have your products on the shelf, or they are not looking good they are not going to sell!  We are all a team.
  4. Our customers want to know about your products. We get asked lots of questions about products and the better we can answer the questions or the faster we can locate the information the more sales will increase. So, when you bring in products please talk to us about how they are made and where the ingredients come from. Please read vendor demo agreement prior to scheduling, and once you have done so, sign up here. (Pro tip: Demos SELL product and create dedicated customers). Also, we have a folder where we collect information about all of our vendors. Please give us something to put in there so we can better explain who you are, what you make, and why it is great.

If you have not yet been in contact with the Marketplace Manager and are interested in selling at Locavore, please begin by reviewing the "New Vendor Info" and filling out this form.

Filling out this form is for Locavore information only. We will contact you with next steps. 

Please print and fill out the vendor agreement and direct deposit forms. Bring them to Central Oregon Locavore with your first delivery. Click on the links below to download the forms.
New Vendor Info
Vendor Agreement Form
Vendor Demo Agreement Form
Vendor Direct Deposit Form
Sample Delivery Invoice Form (invoices are required for all deliveries)

Egg Vendor Information

Locavore purchases eggs outright instead of selling on consignment. The link below will explain the prices and how we prefer eggs to be handled.

Our egg supply in the store varies daily. It is always best to call ahead (541-633-7388) to see if we are able to purchase eggs that day and how many dozen we can handle. Our egg purchasing times are Mondays from 8am to 10am. This is when the store is closed to customers but open to vendors; this time allows us to focus our attention on the task-at-hand and give everyone individual attention. At busy egg buying times of year (Spring and Fall) we may limit the amount of eggs we purchase from each egg producer and turn producers away, so it is best to be early.

Selling Eggs at Locavore (additional information)