Our permanent indoor farmers market contains products from over 200 local farmers and food producers. You will be amazed when you walk through our doors!

The marketplace provides an outlet for local farmers to sell their products directly to the general public without having to engage in burdensome wholesale pricing or minimum delivery requirements often needed to sell at retail establishments. In this way the Locavore model acts as an “incubator market” for small local farmers, ranchers and food producers.

Our Sourcing Philosphy

Locality of food is most important. Local food means fresher, greater nutritional value, shorter transportation distance, seasonal, and a stronger local economy.
Organic practices that support healthy soils and ecosystems outweigh organic certification labels.

Nutrient-dense, whole foods that aren’t locally available are purchased as close to home as possible. The local distributors we use are mindful in their purchasing and they source from small-scale farmers and producers that follow organic philosophies and socially responsible practices.

We accept SNAP
(Oregon Trail Cards / Food Stamps)

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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit supporting local food and farms through educational programs and a year round indoor farmers market.