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Our Mission

Locavore supports local food and local farmers for the health and benefit of the individual, our community, society, and the planet.

We envision a robust and diverse local food economy connecting consumers and producers, utilizing fair and sustainable practices, and cultivating food security for the health and enjoyment of our community.

Our Story

Central Oregon Locavore was founded in April 2009, with the mission to educate our Central Oregon community about the benefits of fresh and nutritious food produced sustainably by local farmers and ranchers.

In carrying out this mission, Locavore improves access to fresh, in-season, nutrient-dense local food to all members of the community. There are many outreach programs run by Locavore to target youth, low-income families, and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Locavore’s education, outreach, and gatherings serve to support sustainable food systems within Central Oregon while simultaneously contributing to the local economy, public health, an educated public, and a brighter future for the local community.

The non-profit was founded by Nicolle Timm-Branch, a Bend native who is dedicated to the local food scene. Nicolle is a registered nurse who works at St. Charles in the Family Birthing Center currently, but her real passion is learning and teaching about the healing power of nutrient dense foods and nutrition. This is a subject not often addressed in modern medicine.
"I run a small organic farm on leased land in Sisters, Oregon along with my wife, Carys. Our business is called Mahonia Gardens and we are in our sixth season of farming. Our small farm accounts for almost all of our income.

A few years ago, Central Oregon Locavore reached out to us and said, “How can we help you?”, and since then they have become crucial to our existence as a business. They allow us to use the parking lot of their Bend location as a drop-off point for our weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) customers, free of charge, even though in doing so we are in direct competition with their marketplace. They even let us store CSA boxes in their very limited refrigeration space, and only occasionally ask for a few dollars to help cover the electric bill.

Central Oregon Locavore also organizes a series of volunteer events on local farms, called WWOOLF (Willing Workers on Organic Local Farms). We have held one such event at our farm, which brought about 20 volunteers out to spread compost over the vegetable beds. Locavore staff organized and promoted the event, and provided food for the group of volunteers. They asked us for nothing in return.

Another way we benefit from Central Oregon Locavore is by selling our veggies to them at a generous price. The Locavore marketplace pays us more for our vegetables than any other wholesale account—closer to retail prices we might receive at a farmer’s market. Why? Because their mission is to support local farmers. While most retailers we work with try to negotiate lower prices from us, the Locavore makes every attempt to give us the highest reasonable price possible.

As a farmer, I work with many produce retailers and I am positive that Central Oregon Locavore is not just a business trying to turn a profit. Their mission is to support local farmers and a vibrant local food system in our region, and any income they derive is used in this mission. "

Mahonia Gardens

Real Food Grown In Sisters, OR

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In this publication you'll learn all about Central Oregon Locavore including how we got our start and how we've evolved over time. Click the image above to read the history of Locavore.

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