About Us

Our Mission

Locavore supports local food and local farmers for the health and benefit of the individual, our community, society, and the planet.

We envision a robust and diverse local food economy connecting consumers and producers, utilizing fair and sustainable practices, and cultivating food security for the health and enjoyment of our community.

Our Story

Central Oregon Locavore was founded in April, 2009 to educate the Central Oregon community about the health and social benefits of fresh and nutritious food that is sustainably produced by local farmers and ranchers.

In carrying out this mission, Locavore improves access to fresh, in-season, nutrient-dense local food to all members of the community. There are many outreach programs run by Locavore to target youth, low-income families, and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Locavore’s education, outreach, and gatherings serve to support sustainable food systems within Central Oregon while simultaneously contributing to the local economy, public health, an educated public, and a brighter future for the local citizens.

The non-profit was founded by Nicolle Timm-Branch, a Bend native who grew up eating fresh seasonal produce from her mother’s garden, grass-fed meat from neighboring ranchers, and various local foods of all kinds. She went on to earn a nursing degree and moved to Denver, Colorado, where she first worked as a labor and delivery nurse, where she helped hundreds of babies come into the world). However, her real passion was the healing power of nutrient dense foods and nutrition, a subject not often addressed in modern medicine. Upon returning home, she befriended many local farmers and ranchers, and realized Bend needed a way to connect the local producers to the community, hence the birth of Central Oregon Locavore (pun intended). Nicolle is currently employed at St Charles in the Family Birthing Center.

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