Locavore Food School offers of nutrition and cooking classes taught by volunteers and community members including farmers, local food producers, nutritionists, chefs and alternative health care practitioners. Watch the calendar of events on our website and our Facebook Page for the next scheduled classes.

Locavore Food School Presents:


Choosing Good Wines that Reflect The Same Values As Your Food

Who: Michael Derrico, Mitchell Wine Group
When: Tuesday, May 30th from 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Where: Central Oregon Locavore

At Locavore we know what our customers value the most when it comes to food You want your food to be local, delicious, nutrient dense, organic and sustainable, affordable, and come from producers that care about the community and the environment. So why should it be any different when it comes to choosing wine?

At this exclusive Food School class, er.. wine school that is… Michael Derrico will demystify and explain how you can apply the same values that you seek in your food to your wine choices.

Oregon hosts a plethora of sustainable, local, and delicious wineries that offer what you are looking for, and at the Locavines wine corner, we will be curating our selection with intent and intention this spring, under the expert guidance of Michael.

$5 Locavore Members/$8 Non-Members

Locavore Food School Presents:


Who:Maggie Miles of Lite to Light Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling
Thursday, June 20th, from 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Central Oregon Locavore

In this Food School class, Maggie of Lite to Light Wellness will be teaching how to make a healthy alternative to store bought jam. This jam is sugar free, quick and easy to make, and uses only 5 real food ingredients!

In this class students will learn: Why we should avoid most store bought jams, recipes that can be done at home and the health benefits of the ingredients.

How to make healthy, delicious sugar free chia jam three ways

Blackberry Cardamom

Mixed Berries & Cinnamon

Strawberry Basil

This will be a perfect way to use your berries you will bring home this berry picking season. Healthy enough for mom, delicious enough for kids PBJs!

$5 Locavore Members/$8 Non-Members

Past Food School Classes

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Hand Made Tortillas with Chef Gordon Benzer of El Sancho Taco Shop

How to Make Your Own Condiments with Chef Bethyn Rider of Bethlyns Global Fusion

Make Your Own Dumplings at Home with Dan Butters of Dump City Dumplings

Spring Tonic Herbs led by Holly Hutton

Natural Beekeeping with Ron Lane
Fermentation 101 with Linda Anspach and Amy Neilsen
Beginning Beekeeping
Spice It Up – Using spices to enhance local food by Matt Perry of Savory Spice Shop
Healthy Fats and How to Use Them by Anna Witham
Unleashing the Delicious Secrets of Grassfed Beef with Jerre Kosta Dodson of Dancing Cow Farm
Bone Broth 101 with Jeff Roop-Bierens of Bootleg Bones
Indian Food 101 with Runi of Khara Foods & The Curry Shack
Cooking with Medicinal Herbs with Holly Hutton
Eat for your Genetic Type with Birgitta Bella, PA-C, MHR, Health Coach
Soaking, Sprouting and Fermenting with Robbie Bianchi, NTP, cpt, lmt
Debunking the sumo wrestler myth by Birgetta Bella, PA-C, MHR, Health Coach
Does Fat Make You Fat? by Birgitta Bella, PA-C, MHR, Health Coach
Kefir 101 (and what to do with it) by Sarah Wilder, NTP
Champion Your Health, Become a Trans Fat Detective
Perfect Fermentation – Homemade Saurkraut by Kelly Henry, NTP
Bone Broth 101 by Kelly Henry, NTP
Healthy and Delicious Snacks for Back to School
How to Make Kimchi in your Own Home
Organ Meats 101: How to make One of Natures Superfoods Taste Great!
Bone Broth 101 with Jeff Roop-Bierens of Bootleg Bones


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